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What are Tensor Rings?

Tensor rings act as a room temperature superconductor.  They tap into an infinite field of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic.  They can be used for energizing water, healing, environmental cleanup, releasing and redirecting geopathic stress, and changing weather patterns.

How can they protect you from EMF’s?

Our cells communicate using electromagnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions using frequency waves. Without them, we could not exist.  But over the last two or three decades this harmony has been disturbed, and dramatically so. Mankind has saturated itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. They are all around us, filling the air and overwhelming the earth’s natural resonance.  Tensor rings do not eliminate EMF’s, but rather eliminate what is called “Electromagnetic Pollution”  associate with these microwave frequencies.

How do they affect food & water?

Placing tensor rings on your water faucets, shower heads & water bottles begins the process of structuring and energizing the water making it more bioavailable and easily absorbed in the body. 

Tensor rings also increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. 

Can they help alleviate pain?

Use tensor rings for all types of pain relief. 

Just apply the tensor ring to the affected area and feel the reduction in pain.

Learn about the amazing energetic properties of tensor rings!

For instance, see the energy generated by them in this video.

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Feedback Loop

Feedback Loops

The Feedback Loop will draw density or unbeneficial energy from the area it is directed at and that transforms into positive or beneficial energy and it's emitted back into the body. So it performs two functions at once without changing positions of the loop.

Acu-Vac Coil

Acu-Vac Coil

The Acu-Vac Coil is a unique device that draws or pulls negativity, pain, or density, also referred to as unbeneficial energy, from a specific area of the body and that energy flows through the coil and transforms to positive or beneficial energy when it moves out the other end.

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