Enhance Radionics Effectiveness With Tensor Rings

Using an SE-5 Radionics Machine Inside a 3 1/2 cubit custom-made 2 gauge tensor ring


For those knowledgeable about radionics, placing a radionics machine inside a tensor rings seems to lessen broadcast time, increasing General Vitality, and improve potentizing/structuring water and crystals, clearing negative influence, virtual grounding, working with the higher aspects of the witness, and more!


As stated in “A Fun Course in Beginning Radionics”, “Pennsylvania Pete” Radatti states:

“These rings of twisted copper wire will increase your Witness Well or Potentizing Well strength.  Some practitioners say that most people gain a factor of 3x on strength.  I have seen people pur a ring around each well and one around the entire system.”

Suggested Tensor Ring Sizes For Radionics:

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