Remove Water Pipe Scale and Mold

“The difference in the clarity of my water is amazing.” Mary – Pennsylvania

“After placing a couple rings on the faucets around the house, a friend advised me to run my Jacuzzi for a 15-20 minute “cleanout” cycle first before I got in.  I’m sure glad I did.  After I let the water out, there was a visible layer of black mold all over the bottom of the tub. Guess all that mold was in the water pipes and I didn’t even know it.  Glad to know I am not bathing in a mold-infested Jacuzzi any more!”  And look at how the encrusted mold on my kitchen sink stopper disappeared!

Ann – Nebraska


Depending on the type of water in your area, hot water pipes as well as hot water heaters will eventually become encrusted with calcified scale.  This results in premature replacement of pipes and water heaters, as well as limited flow when the scaling becomes severe.

Placing tensor rings on faucets will assist in getting rid of accumulated scale in hot water pipes.  Try placing tensor rings on faucets in the kitchen and bathroom as well as on shower heads to aid in removal of scale.  While you are doing so, you are also helping to structure and energize the water you drink and bathe in.

Suggested Tensor Rings For Cleaning Mold and Scale From Water Pipes:

Use 1/2 cubit tensor rings for water faucets and 3/4 cubit rings for shower heads.


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