About Tensor Rings

 Slim Spurling  1938-2007

– Born in South Dakota

– Enlisted in the US Naval Reserve

 – He attended Colorado State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry and botany, with a minor in mycology and biochemistry. He also took post-graduate classes in chemistry.

 – Slim quit his graduate courses in chemistry when he became frustrated with the orthodoxy of     academia.

– Upon leaving school, he became a blacksmith for 20 years

–  He “rediscovered” Tensor Rings in 1991

– In 1993  Slim co-founded the Geobiology Research Association

– Slim used tensor rings for energizing water, healing, environmental cleanup, releasing and redirecting geopathic stress, and changing weather patterns.

What are Tensor Rings?

– Tensor rings tap into an infinite field of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic

– Water passed through tensor rings becomes immediately phosphorescent.

– Tensor rings act as a room temperature superconductor.

– Tensor rings produce only life-affirming energy (proven with Lecher Instrument and other technologies).

– Tensor rings bring order to chaos, and have paramagnetic (antigravitational) effects.

– Native Americans’ knowledge of this field effect is found in hogans.  The wooden posts framing the structure are all pointed with their North Pole facing skywards and their southern pole facing the earth. This created a clean, inviting, and energetic interior environment by creating an active energy vortex within the hogan.

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